The Valentine’s Day GIFT GUIDE. Poetic Gifts For Her

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought it would be most appropriate to post a gift guide in honor of the patron saint’s holiday. The following gift suggestions, accompanied by such amorous quotes as thus, are perfect for you and your lover’s delight, or for any occasion really.

“Brevity is the soul of lingerie.” —Dorothy Parker

Agent Provocateur Melody Basque $590

“It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.” —William Carlos Williams

Rene Caovilla Satin Rose Sandal $1095

“As perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me: all things leave me: You remain.” —Arthur Symons

Kilian Beyond Love, Prohibited $225 (a provocative tuberose floral intermingled with notes of tonkin musk and Egyptian jasmine)

“The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.” —Jean Giraudoux

Martha Stewart White Phalaenopsis Orchid Bouquet $199.95

“Don’t ever wear artistic jewelry; it wrecks a woman’s reputation.” —Colette

Sunday’s Best Triple Triangle 4201 Sterling Silver Ring $130

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” —Ernestine Ulmer

Payard Parisian Macarons $26

“Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self. The green fairy who lives in the absinthe wants your soul. But you are safe with me.” —Dracula

St. George Absinthe Verte $64.99

A great snippet on absinthe basics –‘s Absinthe 101


THE FOODIE SECTION’S GIFT GUIDE. Delicious Gifts Under $50

Since buying unique, useful, and affordable holiday gifts can be quite a feat, the following gift suggestions are among some of my foodie favorites, all costing under $50.

Teuscher’s Champagne Truffle has a Dom Perignon cream center surrounded by a dark chocolate ganache, which is then covered with milk chocolate and then dusted with confectioner’s sugar. The layers of  silky Swiss chocolate intermingled with the creamy champagne center is what I call pure holiday decadence.

Teuscher Champagne Truffles (16 pieces) $39

Blue Bottle Coffee is artisanal coffee at its finest. The Bay Area based coffee company uses only organic, pesticide-free, and shade grown (traditional, most beneficial, however scarcely economical, and increasingly harder to find method of coffee bean farming) coffee beans that are freshly roasted and blended (within 4 hours), which in turn produces a smooth richness unlike any other. Try their Bella Donovan Blend, a best-seller made from wild and citrusy organic Ethiopian beans paired with earthy organic Sumatrians.

Blue Bottle Coffee Bella Donovan Blend $18.75/lb

I typically don’t like butter cookies – with one exception: Yoku Moku. A Japanese classic, Yoku Moku are delicate, crisp, light, and of course, individually wrapped, butter cookies. I find Yoku Mokus to be extremely dangerous, for suddenly you’ve eaten half a dozen without even knowing, all due to their wonderful lightness and sweet subtlety. Available at Neiman Marcus stores.

Yoku Moku Assorted Cookies $38-$65

BOUTIQUES. She-bible

It’s difficult finding knitwear that lasts for more than one season and fortunately, She-bible makes quality knitwear with the most incredible fit. She-bible, named after a he/she confusion error in the 1611 version of the King James Bible, is Deirdre Nagayama and Stacy Rodgers, two designers who produce their garments locally in San Francisco.

She-bible’s Classic Dress (pictured here in the long sleeved version) is their best seller and for good reason – the empire waist, princess seams, and cowl neck on this dress is flattering on any figure.

She-bible Classic Long Sleeve Dress $140

I absolutely love the versatility of She-bible’s Pop Doyle Tunic, which you can wear three ways: down the front, tied around the neck like a scarf, or over the head as a hood.

She-bible Pop Doyle Tunic $115

With its cocoon neck and bell sleeves, She-bible’s Siberian A-line wool coat is just plain fabulous.

She-bible Siberian Coat Wool $244

She-bible Wesbiste:
She-bible Blog:
She-bible Boutique:
The founders of She-bible recently opened Curator Boutique in San Francisco, which sells additional contemporary brands like Micaela Greg and Moda Spia.

Curator Boutique
1767 Church St (Day Street)
San Francisco CA 94131

This Saturday December 12th is the Curator Boutique Holiday Party and Kylea Borges Art Show 4p-8p with 15% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE

Add She-bible Clothing as a friend on Facebook for additional sale info.

BESTIAL BEAUTY. Sumbody to Love


Sumbody, based out of Sebastopol, CA, is one of my favorite spas and manufacturers of eco-friendly beauty products. Founder and CEO, Deborah Burnes, started the company in 2001 in response to the need for natural and ethically made skin care products.

Burnes recently wrote, Look Great, Live Green, a highly informative and tremendously helpful book and resource for anyone trying to live a greener lifestyle. It includes a comprehensive guide on product labeling,  natural skin care alternatives, and at home beauty recipes.

The following are just a few of my Sumbody faves, which also make really fantastic gifts:

Sumbody’s Study Buddy Aromatherapy Kit $19.95

Sumbody’s Study Aromatherapy Kit contains four mini-Zappers in: Distraction, Fatigue, Anxiety, and Stress. These aromatherapy oil blends are absolutely incredible in terms of “zapping” what they’re named after. Instructions say to apply on temples, neck, and chest, and I find swiping them on the ears and wrists to be highly effective as well. Anxiety (motherwort, chamomile, lavender extracts) and Distraction (sage, rosemary, peppermint extracts) are particularly beneficial to me on an almost daily basis. The full size Zappers are $14.95 and are available in many other helpful formulas.

Sumbody’s Zen Natural Soap $5.95

My entire well being feels…well, well in its being whenever I use Sumbody’s Zen Natural Soap. The citrus and eucalyptus blend of essential oils creates a very clean, peaceful, and uplifting experience while green tea and wakame seaweed reduce the signs of aging.

Sumbody’s Milky Rich Bonbons $3.95

Sumbody’s Milky Rich Bonbons are formulated with sea salt, cocoa butter, and goats milk, which keep skin exfoliated, glowing, and moisturized during the cold, wintry months. Delicately scented with vanilla and citrus essential oils, each bonbon lasts for 2-3 uses, and is the ideal stocking stuffer. Also available in a variety of scents.


Sumbody’s Mustard Detox Bath Fizzer $5.95

Slipping one of Sumbody’s Mustard Dextox Bath Fizzers into the tub is one of the greatest ways to fight off the winter blues and/or an illness as mustard warms and relaxes, detoxifies, and stimulates circulation. All you need is a good book and a couple hours.


Use online code: scrub
For online customers, simply type in the code after your last name when placing your order to redeem the special. For example: Smith – scrub
*Free scrub will be a random pick from assorted scents

CA BOOK SIGNINGS OF Look Great, Live Green
12 Nov 2009 (7pm) Barnes & Noble Jack London Square
98 Broadway, Oakland CA 94607

20 Nov 2009 (7pm) Copperfield’s Books
138 N Main St # 1, Sebastopol CA 95472

04 Dec 2009 (7pm) Sumbody Napa
3800 Bel Aire Plz Napa, CA 94558

10 Dec 2009 (7pm) Sumbody Alameda
1350 Park St Alameda, CA 94501

11 Dec 2009 (7pm) Sumbody Sebastopol
118 N Main St Sebastopol, CA 95472

BOUTIQUES. Carlotta Valdes


There is a fine line between gothic looking edgy versus costumey, and Carlotta Valdes is one of the few that succeeds in doing gothic right. The Etsy store, based on Hitchcock’s enigmatic character from Vertigo, sells the most delicately hardcore jewelry at a very well adjusted price point. Many of her designs are hand-crafted from materials such as fair trade sterling silver and/or plated in gold, making them not only beautiful, but conscientious quality products as well.

Some of my favorites are featured below:

Macabre Skull Hook Earrings in Gold Vermeil $55

Hammered Finish Sterling Silver Hoops $45

Golden Songbird Necklace $30

Website: CarlottaValdes

Vertigo Trailer Alfred Hitchcock 1958