MODUS OPERANDI. Charlotte Sometimes


“By bedtime all the faces, the voices had blurred for Charlotte to one face, one voice.” Charlotte Sometimes, the children’s book written by Penelope Farmer is this week’s modus operandi.


The novel, which takes place in 1963, is about a school girl named Charlotte who awakes to find her identity swapped with a girl named Clare,  forty-five years in the past, in the year 1918. An eerily fascinating story, I imagine the following to be characteristic of Charlotte’s 1918 existence:

Marni’s Crispy Cover Asymmetrical Dress in Night Blue

Wolford Dania Ajoure-Python Tights

Christian Louboutin Fifre Booties in Black 120

Vintage Bakelite Daisy Pendant on Celluloid Chain From BeJewelled

Kana Harada Hand Mirror

L’Original Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant

Making its debut in 1912, Quelques Fleurs is the absolute perfect green floral.

Anichini Hotel Collection Percale Sheets in Palladio

Victorian Brass Bed from Newel as Featured in the Movie, The Devil’s Own


MUSICAL CHAIRS. Never Mind the Bollocks. M.’s Playlist for 28 October 2009


Today is the thirty-second anniversary of the release of Never Mind the Bollocks, the Sex Pistols’ most famous, highly influential, and ONLY official studio album. So to commemorate the anniversary, this week’s playlist is a compilation of songs paying homage to the Sex Pistols and their affiliates.

FEATURED PLAYLIST: Never Mind the Bollocks. M.s Playlist for 28 Oct 2009

1. *World Destruction – Time Zone feat. John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa

2.   My Way – Nina Hagen

3.   Madame Butterfly – Malcolm McLaren

4. *This is Not a Love Song – Nouvelle Vague

5.   From Beyond the Grave – Sid Vicious

6. *Submission – Sex Pistols

7.   Who Killed Bambi? – Edward Tudor-Pole

8.    Order of Death – Public Image Limited

9.   *I Wanna be Your Dog – Mephisto Walz

10. *New York – Opium Jukebox

*Available on iTunes

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BESTIAL BEAUTY. Spice of Life: Himalayan Salt


As someone consciously trying to live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve recently switched my table and cooking salt from iodized/sea salt/kosher salt to Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is a type of pinkish rock salt mined in Pakistan that contains 84 minerals and trace elements naturally occurring in the body, which help restore the body’s alkaline and electrolyte balance, important factors when considering the long term effects of dehydration and excessive acidity (premature aging and the increase potential for disease due to overcompensation of the organs).

Himalayan salt is available at most health food stores and comes in a variety of forms as illustrated below (rock, coarse, fine, and plated):


Sur La Table’s Himalayan Pink Rock Salt


Coarsely Ground Himalayan Salt from Saltworks


Finely Ground Himalayan Salt from Saltworks


Himalayan Salt Plate from Sur La Table

A highly aesthetic way to prepare and serve food, salt plates can be cooked on (with a cooking agent like olive oil or butter) in the oven, stove top, and on the grill. The plates mildly salt the food placed on top of them, thus having a curing effect. They are anti-microbial and easy to clean without detergent, (only need to be scoured and rinsed).

They can also be used chilled or frozen to serve cold cheeses, Carpaccio, ice cream, and sorbets.

Other uses for Himalayan salt include:

As a mouthwash/gargle for gum and throat health.

As a daily brine to detoxify the body and restore its pH Balance.

As bath salts to help rheumatism pain.

As a face and body mask to treat acne and remove impurities from the skin.

To remedy acid reflux, as recommended by Dr. Oz.

Like any salt, use with care as it is still sodium chloride and can cause hypertension (high blood pressure) when ingested in excess.



Modus operandi: Opium. Intoxicating, indulgent, somewhat depraved; opium inspires rich colors, languid textures, and Chinoiserie no doubt. The following are a few dreamy implementations of this modus operandi – the modern opiate lifestyle.

Kiki de Montparnasse Muse Robe

Beaute Strass Louboutins

X Perfume for Men by Clive Christian

Although it’s for men, X, with its heavy spiciness, is a very “true” oriental fragrance, and has always been my favorite Clive Christian scent.

Serge Lutens Faux-Semblant Nail Lacquer in Nude and Sang Bleu Nail Lacquer in Dark Red

The perfect duo for the classic mani/pedi.

Marie Antoinette Chandelier designed by Carlo Dal Bianco for Bisazza

Pudong Collection Bedding by Yves Delorme

Chinese Antique Canopy Bed Circa 1900 from Tealan

I’m very partial to antique oriental furniture, Chinese in particular.

VERSE. Allen Ginsberg: Ballad of the Skeletons

I hadn’t seen Ginsberg’s/McCartney’s/Van Sant’s Ballad of the Skeletons until recently. Though much progress has been made since 1996, it’s one of those sublime reminders that the struggle with racism, gay rights, war, sexism, environmentalism, poverty, disease, political corruption, censorship, and media exploitation continues today, and still strongly requires our collective energy and awareness in order to keep improving the quality of life for all living things.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) Beat Generation Poet
Famous Works: Howl, A Supermarket in California
Gus Van Sant (1952) Director: Milk
Paul McCartney (1942) Musician: Beatles, Wings

BESTIAL BEAUTY. Chanel: Collection Noirs Obscurs


The Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection takes its inspiration from the femme fatales of film noir, and is one of my favorite Chanel cosmetics collections to date.


The selection of lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes in varying shades of blackened jewel tones undoubtedly creates a very striking and of course, provocative look. With names like Maniac, Vendetta, and Madness, dramatic manifestations are likely to occur.


Although many of the department stores are currently sold out of the limited edition Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection, Barneys in San Francisco (415.268.3500) is receiving its shipment soon. They will have limited stock available, and may be able to fill orders over the phone.


Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection Winter 2009

MUSICAL CHAIRS. Guest DJ sara e.m. murphy. Trust PDX. Playlist for 19 October 2009


Today’s MUSICAL CHAIR is sara e.m. murphy, whose playlist features a selection of indie pop, electronic, lo-fi, and folk songs from bands all based in Portland, Oregon; the indie Mecca of the west coast.

FEATURED PLAYLIST: sara e.m. murphy. Trust PDX. Playlist for 19 Oct 2009.

1.   *Igloos for Ojos – Lovers

2.   *Candy Castle – Glass Candy

3.   *Breakfast – White Fang

4.   *Psychic City (Voodoo City) – Yacht

5.   *Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second – Starfucker

6.     Aces – Dragging an Ox Through Water

7.   *Muscle n’ Flo – Menomena

8.   *Invisible – Grouper

9.   * Hands in Pockets – Laura Gibson

10. *Curs in the Weeds – Horse Feathers

*Available on iTunes

sara e.m. murphy’s Website: SaraMurphy

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Musical Chairs is a collection of weekly playlists created by selected artists, DJs, and musicians for LITTLE MAGAZINE. For guest DJ inquires, please send a description of yourself, including a bio and musical tastes.